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Fonnesbeck Greenhouse Organic Growth Case Study

Fonnesbeck Greenhouse – Local SEO, On-Page SEO, List Building, Website Management

Fonnesbeck Greenhouse  is a full line retail greenhouse. They sell premium annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees, fruit trees, gardening supplies, landscape supplies, fertilizers, and more. The Fonnesbeck Greenhouse team came to use needing help growing their contact lists, optimizing the website, and managing their digital presence – especially for local SEO. Because they are located a few miles outside of Logan, UT, it was critical that they get higher rankings for local searches so that they could compete – even more than they already did – with the greenhouses closer to Logan. Here is how it went.

Services Provided:

Local SEO, On-Page SEO, List Building, Website Management


The Fonnesbeck Greenhouse team needed help growing their contact lists, optimizing the website, and managing their digital presence.


Our main goal was to amplify Fonnesbeck Greenhouse’s reach. The focus was on building robust contact lists and enhancing online engagement. As we dove in, we realized that this needed to start with optimizing the user experience on the website.


To effectively promote seasonal deals, a more expansive contact list was essential. However, improving their online standing in local searches was a significant hurdle toward making that happen. When online listings are not well organized and maintained, a business’s visibility can be 20% less or more. In some cases, it can be completely non-existent. Additionally, once you get people to the website, it must be user friendly so that it is easy for people to provide their information. They also had a good, but basic, website that needed some updates and formatting changes. They were trying to use a single page website to promote a thriving business that had the potential to rank for so many good keywords which would improve their search ranking.


First, we focused on getting their Google Business Profile, Bing, and other listings optimized. That allowed us to then move to the website. We then enhanced the website’s UI/UX, fostering a more engaging user experience. This strategy led to a 526% growth in their contact list through three years of working together. Furthermore, by integrating social links, Fonnesbeck Greenhouse saw a rise in social media views and followers as a side effect. These efforts also paid off as they made their way into the top 10 for local SEO – jumping from pages 3 through 5 without relying on ads or additional tools. This was 100% organic growth driven simply because we made sure they were visible on the various listings sites and directories, improved the website performance and interface, and made it easier for people to give them their information based on an effective call-to-action.