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Revenue Generating SEO & Digital Marketing For Service Businesses

Each Empire is built differently. How can we help you grow yours?

At Empire Digital Marketing Agency, we are on a mission to empower service-businesses to achieve success in the digital world. We believe that your small business is big business, and we’re here to help you turn your dreams into reality.

Our guiding principle is to be your trusted guide on the journey to digital marketing success. We provide tailored services that address your pain points and help you achieve your goals. With our team of marketing specialists at your side, you can relax and focus on what you do best – running your business.

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Industries We Service

Don’t See Your Industry? Contact Us

Appliance repair
Auto body shop
Auto repair shop
Bankruptcy law
Barber shop
Business law
Car washing and detailing
Cellphone and laptop repair
Child care services
Contract law
Countertop services
Criminal law
Dance instruction
Disability law
Drain expert
Driving instruction
Dui law
Estate law
Family law

Feeding Therapy
Financial planning
Funeral services
Garage door
General contracting
Hair salon
Home inspection
Home insulation
Home security services
Home theater services
House cleaning
Immigration law
Insurance agency
Insurance broker
Intellectual property law
Interior design
Junk removal
Labor law

Language instruction
Lawn care
Litigation law
Malpractice law
Massage school
Massage therapist
Occupational Therapy
Nail salon
Permanent Lighting
Personal injury law
Personal training
Pest control
Pet adoption services
Pet boarding
Pet grooming
Pet training
Piercing studio
Pool cleaning

Pool contractor
Real estate
Real estate law
Sewage system services
Snow removal services
Solar energy contractor
Speech Therapy
Tattoo studio
Tax law
Tax services
Tire shop
Traffic law
Tree services
Veterinary services
Water damage services
Weight loss services
Window cleaning
Window installation

Our driving force is the belief that small businesses deserve to thrive. By helping you achieve success online, we’re helping to strengthen local economies and communities. We believe that when small businesses succeed, everyone benefits.

Our mission is to bring hope to your business and help you build your empire. We’re committed to providing exceptional service and expertise that you can rely on. We believe that your success is our success, and we’re dedicated to helping you achieve it.

Join us at Empire Digital Marketing Agency, and let us be your guide to success in the digital world. Because your small business is big business, and we’re here to help you make it shine. Don’t take our word for it, check out these three incredible customer success stories!

Success Story: Digital Marketing Consulting

Radix Solar

RDX Solar – formerly Radix Power – a power solutions company, struggled to increase their contact form submissions and provide a seamless customer journey. Empire Digital Marketing Agency stepped in to develop a tailored plan to address their needs.

Empire Digital Marketing Agency designed a replicable, easily analyzable, and customer-friendly funnel to streamline the customer journey and increase contact form submissions. As a result, Radix Solar achieved conversion rates as high as 34.9% each month.

With Empire Digital Marketing Agency as their guide, Radix Solar was able to achieve success and lay the groundwork for future expansion. Empire Digital Marketing Agency’s expertise and guidance helped Radix Solar achieve their goals, resulting in increased customer engagement and revenue.

Success Story: SEO and Website Management

Fonnesbeck Greenhouse

Fonnesbeck Greenhouse wanted to promote their seasonal promotions to a wider audience, but struggled to do so. They turned to Empire Digital Marketing Agency for help, and we got to work developing a tailored plan to address their needs.

Our team knew that building email and SMS lists was key to empowering Fonnesbeck Greenhouse. By implementing UI/UX improvements, we were able to enhance their website layout and encourage a more engaging experience for visitors. As a result, their contact list has grown by an impressive 526%.

But that’s not all – we also included their social links in the process, which resulted in an increase in views and followers on their social media accounts. Lastly, by implementing our local SEO strategies, Fonnesbeck Greenhouse was able to climb the ranks and break into the top 10 for local searches, where before they were on pages 3-5. And the best part? It was all 100% organic – no ad campaigns or fancy tools required.

At Empire Digital Marketing Agency, we believe in the power of consistent content updates and organic growth.

Success Story: Lead Generation and Ad Campaigns

Manufacturing Client

A Florida-based manufacturing device company was struggling to see returns on their ad campaigns in a niche industry with low Google Search volumes. They turned to Empire Digital Marketing Agency for help, and we got to work developing a tailored plan to address their needs.

Our team started by optimizing their website for faster load times and a more friendly UI/UX. Then we used our data-driven, research-based approach to make sure we had the correct content on our landing pages to increase engagement rates. As a result, we saw an incredible 50% or more engaged sessions every month.

But that’s not all – when all was said and done, their ad campaigns reflected the value of our approach with a ROAS as high as 1000% in a single month. Our client saw a minimum of 300% return on ad spend (ROAS) every single month, which was a game-changer for their business.

At Empire Digital Marketing Agency, we believe in taking a data-driven, research-based approach to help businesses achieve success in the digital world.