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Maci’s Maids Local SEO Case Study

Maci’s Maids: Local SEO, Landing Pages, On-Page SEO, Content Creation

Maci’s Maids is a professional and reliable cleaning service in Sumner, Davidson, and Robertson Counties in Tennessee. They provide both residential and commercial cleaning services. Maci’s Maids originally came to use because of their need to grow their business without investing heavily in ads or other paid services. This led us to discussing the importance of Local SEO, On-Page SEO, and Content Creation. Starting with listings management (AKA business citations or directories) and Google Business Profile optimization. In addition to those two services, we help them track and identify simple on-page issues such as updating meta tags or image compression. Here is a little more about how our partnership has helped them grow their business.

Maci's Maids Nashville

“This led to a little more than 100% increase in MRR.”

Services Provided:

Local SEO, Landing Pages, On-Page SEO, Content Creation


In Nashville’s growing cleaning market, Maci’s Maids was a newer entrant. Their goal? Boost organic reach without the hefty fees.


Three clear objectives were set:

1. Get 100 users/month using SEO landing pages and a solid Google Business Profile.

2. Rank in Google’s Map Pack top 10 for key local searches in Hendersonville in two months.

3. Keep a website health score of 80+ consistently.

Because most people don’t use the numeric health score that we use, here is some context. We take the technical SEO scoring factors like Compressed Images, Speed Index factors, Security Score, and Effective use of CDN and turn them into a numerical score that makes it much simpler to understand from a client’s perspective. If you are 80 or higher, then you check all of the boxes of good or great website performance.


There were a few challenges present:

1. The rise in similar businesses made getting organic traffic harder. With the residential cleaning market poised to grow by at least 6% every year and to be worth at least $40B by 2025, there is a rush on starting a cleaning business in 2023.

2. Securing a consistent rank in Google’s top 10 was no small feat because of the increased competition and the newness of Maci’s Maids in the market.

3. Using Wix had its own set of technical SEO limitations because of how involved they get with the technical factors of web hosting (which is usually a good thing for most websites).


Despite these obstacles, progress was made. As of January 2024, these services established the foundation that launched them into the top 10 rank for all of their major searches. This led to a little more than 100% increase in MRR. Here were the more immediate results we saw in the process.

1. Organic Traffic: We saw a 7x increase in monthly search volumes over the last four months and we are well on our way to achieving long-term SEO success.

2. Map Pack Top 10 Rank: Focusing on key search terms Maid Service, House Cleaning, Home Cleaning, and Maid Nashville. After only two months, all four targeted keywords landed within Hendersonville’s top 8 results. This boosted Maci’s Maids’ visibility from six to over 30 times monthly.

3. Website Score: On-Page SEO practices bumped the health score consistently above 86. An 11.67% increase over four months was noted. While that doesn’t seem like much, it has taken their On-Page SEO from good standing to great standing in the eyes of search engines.

Maci’s Maids now enjoys continually improving visibility and organic traffic. Their story showcases the effectiveness of well-defined SEO strategies that lead to measurable business benefits.