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Radix Solar On-Page SEO Case Study

Radix Solar: On-Page SEO, Website Management

Radix Solar found us while looking for help enhancing their customer journey within their website so that they could capture more leads from contact form requests. Additionally, they had gaps in their On-Page SEO that were hurting site performance which in turn was hurting their ranking capabilities with search engines. Together, we identified that we could build a replicable funnel for people to convert using the contact forms on their website based on which state the user was located in. Let’s look at how we were able to help Radix Solar improve their form submission rates and increase their SEO strength.

Radix Solar Energy Provider

Services Provided:

On-Page SEO, Website Management


Radix Solar, a solar energy company, had an issue with low contact form submissions. The overall customer journey also needed fine-tuning as well.


The mission? Develop a funnel that streamlines the user experience and boosts form submissions while being easy to replicate for each specific service location. Additionally, identify and fix On-Page SEO issues that are hindering search rankings from being higher.


The main challenge was ensuring customers had a smooth experience on the Radix Solar website while being able to submit their contact information. This meant understanding user behavior and tweaking the journey accordingly. Some of the On-Page SEO concerns were acting as road blocks in this process as well because the visitor wouldn’t always end up where they wanted to be – as noted in the bounce rates from Google Analytics.


We crafted a straightforward, user-friendly funnel that was easy to replicate for each location. This funnel was designed to make the customer journey smoother which increases their likelihood of providing their contact information to request services and quotes. The outcome was notable: monthly conversion rates reached as high as 34.9%. That’s more than 2x their previous best conversion rate.

With our strategy, Radix Solar saw increased engagement and revenue. This collaboration proved successful, setting Radix Solar up for continued growth.